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Why You Should Start The Day With Ajwain and Methi Water

The health benefits abounding in ajwain and methi are astonishing. Both of them individually are a powerhouse of nutrients, vitamins, essential micronutrients; therefore, when consumed together- they ramp up your body’s functioning to unprecedented levels.

And the best way to derive the nutrition from these two superfoods is to have them soaked in water and have this powerful, detox health drink in the morning on an empty stomach.

Here are the ways in which the ajwain-methi water improves our health:

Solves indigestion problems: Having a glass of ajwain-methi water in the morning will set the tone of your body just right for the rest of the day. Packed with essential nutrients, fibres, magnesium, manganese the drink will relieve you of constipation, heartburn, nausea. You can have your metabolic activity boosted, bid adieu to acidity issues, and enjoy a healthy appetite.

Controls blood sugar: This detox drink is excellent for regulating diabetes. It reduces bad cholesterol, inflammation and ensures no unwanted sugar spikes in blood.

Aids in weight loss: The potency of water infused with methi and ajwain is incredible. By bringing about enhanced metabolic activity, the drink eradicates the possibility of any piling up of toxins in the system, extra fat, and in turn helps you retain a healthy, trimmed body. Have the drink daily to speed up your weight loss program and lead a healthy life.

Gives glowing skin: Ajwain is known to possess thymol, an essential oil. The methi on the other hand is phenomenally antioxidant-rich. Both of them make for great detox drink imparting glowing, healthy skin.

Strengthens immunity: The ajwain-methi drink is loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C, protein, iron, vitamin B1, B3, sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus. All of these essential life enriching ingredients are excellent in boosting the immunization power of your body. The drink will protect you from cough and cold, seasonal flu.

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