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Weight loss: When is the best time to have a cheat meal?

Again, having a cheat meal isn’t a bad decision. However, it’s important to take into consideration the type of foods you do choose to eat.

Not practising portion control with cheat meals is one of the biggest problems weight watchers can make and may even undo the efforts of their weight loss plan.

Even when you do have a cheat meal, your focus should be on finding a meal that has richer nutrients, or something from all food groups. For example, if you do choose a heavy-carb meal, ensure there’s some protein that you are scoring with it too. As tempting as they really are, avoid having something that’s heavily processed or contains chemicals.

Starving yourself ahead of the cheat meal isn’t a good idea too. It can make you more hungry, and make you overeat. Also ensure that you have plenty of water, and do include exercise to burn off those excess calories.

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