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Weight loss story: “Here’s how this Merchant Navy officer lost weight with thyroid”

My breakfast: I take my breakfast 2 hours after taking my thyroid medicines so eat something accordingly.

I usually start my day with some lemon and honey mixed with warm water. Afterwards, plain cornflakes/ unflavoured oats had milk. I also add five overnight soaked almonds and 10~15 raisins to my breakfast. I also had some small quantities of fruits that were available

My lunch: Because of the nature of my job, I couldn’t afford the luxury of a nutritionist-curated dietplan. I just worked my way around dal, yoghurt, chicken, fish and meat basically whatever was available. However, I made sure that I didn’t exceed my daily calorie intake allocated for my weight loss. ( There are several free apps that will suggest calorie intake as per weight loss requirement)

My dinner: I had two egg whites and a bowl full of either chicken or fish.

Pre-workout meal: A handful of dry fruits.

Post-workout meal: I didn’t usually eat anything immediately after a workout unless I was really hungry and if I was I would have some fruit.

I indulge in (What you eat on your cheat days): Well I don’t really believe in cheat days as such. However, I didn’t restrict myself during the monthly parties so you could say I would have my cheat meal once a month!

Low-calorie recipes I swear by: I love plain yoghurt so if I come across any food that I don’t like, I put some yoghurt and salt in it. You can also find something that can make your food tastier just for you! That’s a big secret I unveiled!

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