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Home Life Style Weight loss story: "Buckwheat, millet rotis and nuts helped me lose weight...

Weight loss story: “Buckwheat, millet rotis and nuts helped me lose weight and prove naysayers wrong”

My breakfast: I have soaked chia seeds, flax seeds, four almonds, one fig and a few raisins

My lunch: 2-3 Chapattis made of Buckwheat flour, Millet flour, and Gram Flour with lots of green vegetables and lentils.

My dinner: Quinoa with vegetables, chicken or fish, or Hot milk with saffron or turmeric before bedtime.

Pre-workout meal: Whole boiled or fried (with less oil) organic eggs with one cup of coffee (milk and sweetener)

Post-workout meal: Beetroot and green veggies juice.

I indulge in (What you eat on your cheat days): I have had cheat meals and sweets almost all of my life so now, I have cut down on my sweets. If I crave something, I make chia seeds kheer once a month and add a lot of nuts.

Low-calorie recipes I swear by: Barley Kheer (Dry roast barley, coarsely grind and soak for 2 hours. Add in other ingredients needed to make kheer and your low-calorie sweet is ready)

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