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Weight loss: “I had soup for dinner every day to lose weight”

I think motivation can vary from person to person. But honestly speaking, I am a self-motivated person.

I keep myself motivated by some of these tricks, which I would love to share. Hope they work for you as well.

Look for inspiration: Get inspired by someone who will encourage you to exercise.

Look in the mirror often: Looking in the mirror often will make you realise that you need to lose weight and you will know which area you need to work more.

Go shopping or try old clothes: When you go shopping or see that your old clothes are no longer fitting like the way before, it will encourage you more to push yourself to make you fit back in those clothes.

Buy workout clothes: It will make you want to wear them and exercise so ultimately you are exercising. Unless you feel good, you will never be good.

Exercise the way you like: It’s not necessary that you need to go to the gym to lose weight if you like… dancing you can try aerobics or Zumba or dancing itself. Set some goals for yourself and treat yourself after achieving them.

Accept compliments: When someone compliments that you are looking thin don’t deny it, accept it as it encourages you more to sustain in that shape, for which you have worked so hard.

Click photos: You should click lots of pics as it makes you realise that you are losing weight as well as you’ll get to know where you need to work more on your figure/body.

Don’t compare yourself with others: Don’t get dishearten seeing other fit people but encourage yourself by saying that soon you will also be like one.

No diet: Don’t starve, eat everything but reduce the quantity or consumption of fatty and sugary foods.

Feel good about yourself: Never lose your confidence due to weight or any other reasons. You are good but just trying to be a better version of yourself.

Last but not the least take breaks: Taking breaks is important as the body tends to reduce weight loss if it gets used to a pattern and moreover you should never feel bored doing it daily. So give yourself and body break for a day to relax as well.

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