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Traditional Foods You Must Have

What’s celebration without delicious food to relish! Celebrate the festival of colours this year by gorging on mouth-watering traditional foods. Food and festivals are an inseparable and yummy combination, after all.

Festivals in India are extraordinarily known for their variety in cuisines. Our fondness for delicacies lend a different level of celebratory vibe. It brings people closer, makes them more at ease and strengthens bond. This year, owing to pandemic restrictions, while you can’t go out and play with the vibrant ‘gulaal’ Holi, why not try to savour these tasty, traditional dishes and have a great holi.

Gujiya: This forever classic, North Indian sweet dish is a must-have during Holi. It’s a sweet fried dumpling made from all purpose flour and filled with khoya that certainly is going to take you on a trip down memory lane. Gujiya is a favourite, popular traditional sweet prepared particularly for Holi celebrations.

Thandai: What is Holi without thandai! A cooling, refreshing drink topped with nuts, spices, and milk is an absolute befitting drink for the summery Holi festival.

Lassi: Creating the mood, and setting the tone for the vivacious festive spirit is lassi. Holi is incomplete without a tall glass of refreshing lassi and icing on the cake would be a scoop of malai dropped on the brim.

Malpua: Indulge yourself in lovely malpuas made with flour, semolina, khoya and cardamom dipped in sugar syrup. Crispy, soft, malpuas are perfect to end your Holi meal.

Dahi bhalle: A traditional, favourite Holi dish that is loved by people of all age groups is Dahi bhalle. Served with green chutney or sweet tamarind chutney, it’s just a perfect creamy, yummy plate with a blend of curd and spices.

Namak Para/ shakar para: Gorge on savoury, crunchy, sweet namak and shakkar para. A grand mix of flavours to satiate your taste palette this Holi.

Laddoo: This ball-shaped sweet delight is an extremely special, traditional food item. Binge on besan, motichur, til, boondi laddoos and sweeten your Holi. Interestingly, Barsana in UP is known to conduct Laddu Mar Holi. They sing, dance, and throw laddoos at each other, which is later on eaten as prasad.

Dhuska: Another popular dish that will brighten your Holi is this fried delicacy made with rice, lentil, chillies and garlic. A typical, traditional Holi food that is enjoyed best with Ghugni as its accompaniment is quite famous in Jharkhand, Bihar.

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