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This designer campaign featuring transgenders is making noise for all the right reasons

Designer campaigns have become more meaningful and thought-provoking in the last few years. With most of the designers choosing social media platforms to showcase their collection, it becomes pertinent for them to create the right noise by picking up hard-hitting subjects. Shanti Banaras, a conscious brand, based out of Varanasi is being lauded on social media for not only presenting a campaign that is a sight for sore eyes but also bringing forth the powerful stories of eight transgenders who found their foot amid all adversities.

The creative directors of Shanti Banaras, Amrit and Khushi Shah came up with this idea to capture the enchanting lives of eight transgenders through their collection titled Akatya. The photo essay tries to showcase their inner beauty and power. Each of them exuding the power of bringing together yin and yan energies in their lives ‘ existence. Stylist Nidhi Jacob has styled the campaign and the frames have been beautifully captured by photographer Farhan Hussain.

“Wielding the power to who you are can be unimaginably demanding. Through our thought-provoking campaign, Akatya, we are celebrating the authenticity and courage of being transgender. We chose radiant, bold, strong multicoloured hues to best resonate with the solid and deep personality of the transgender that we worked with. An interplay of stripes in concurrent fashion reflects a mix of emotions all in different forms (colours) that these transgender’s have to go through on an everyday basis,” says the designer duo.

These transgenders come from all walks of lives. One is a dancer and a chef while the other is a makeup artist and a law student. They all have their own unique stories to share.

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