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Theatre Artists Who Made It To Hindi Movies

Art is a medium to express oneself, an extension of one’s personality. Theatre is nothing but enacting the truths of life, in a way that touches the audience. As easy as it might sound, this task isn’t easy. It takes a village to bring out a performance that’s convincing and honest, especially in front of a live audience without any retakes and cuts.

Today on World Theatre Day 2021, we bring to you talented actresses who made a successful transition from stage to screen. These actresses have not only won the hearts of the audiences, but also vowed the critics with their strong performances over the years.

Seema Biswas: The actress graduated from National School Drama and was already an established theatre actress before her silver screen debut withThe Bandit Queen.

Shabana Azmi: The five-time National Award winner actress, last seen in Kaali Khuhi, is known for her strong stage performances as well. Shabana Azmi has acted in iconic plays such as ‘Safed Kundali’ , ‘Tumhari Amrita’ and ‘A Doll’s House’.

Nandita Das: Actress, director and writer, known to don multiple hats, Nandita Das gained prominence with Deepa Mehta’s 1996 movie Fire. She began her acting career with the street theatre group Jana Natya Manch. She continues to write and appear in plays every now and then.

Richa Chadda: The multi-faceted actress last seen in Madam Chief Ministerhad experienced the world of theatre as well. After being cast in a string of supporting roles initially, she made it big with ‘Trivial Disasters’ alongside Kalki Koechlin and Cyrus Sahukar.

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