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The Flamboyant, Unabashed, Vibrant Singing Star

Living life king size- is what aptly describes Harry Styles’ lifestyle; as reflected from his social media posts. His vivacious persona effortlessly embracing various, edgy, outlandish and astonishing attires has always been Harry’s x-factor.

Riding high on his song ‘watermelon sugar high’ success, Harry Styles has been quite a singing as well as an Instagram sensation. With over 36.3 million Instagram followers, the K-pop singer has won millions of hearts.

Harry’s posts are nothing short of extravagant visual treats. As the handsome singer turns a year older, let’s take a look at his mesmerising, flamboyant photos:

Captioned as ‘Bring back manly men’, the former One Direction star posted this photo in a light blue-pink frilled, intriguing customized outfit. This photo is testimony to his extraordinary photoshoots that are a treat for sore eyes.

Harry looked dashing in a black blazer worn over a white sequined top. Right from praising his fashionable ring to the dress, jacket, hair, netizens went gaga over Harry. ‘So handsome it hurts’ commented one of his admirers.

Appearing in the cover of Vogue the gorgeous singer could be seen blowing blue balloon, oozing hotness. The hint of sexual ambiguity ups the rockstar’s style quotient, interestingly.

Captioned as Saturday Night Live, this exuberant photo of Harry in pink frock holding a glass, and a cigar pressed between lips exudes flamboyance. Netizens showered Harry with comments such as ‘one of a kind’.

The winner of Grammy award along with several other noteworthy awards- Harry never ceases to amaze his fans with his out of the box posts. Watching himself in a black and white outfit in front of the bathroom mirrors, Harry posted the photo from his ‘Barcelona, Live On Tour’ concert.

The caption read ‘Amsterdam, Live On Tour’.

Posting yet again another photo from his live tour, Harry entertained his fans with this gorgeous, glitzy photo taken during his performance, amidst swooning admirers.

Announcing the release of Sweet Creature, the handsome hunk captioned it as ‘I am available always’. Side profile, perfect jawline, water dripping from his hair, this photo was every bit theatrical and spectacular.

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