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The era of conscious luxury is here

The ethical valuation of luxury brands is the ticket to go for in the post-pandemic world to keep it upscaled. When you go through the annual fashion reports of legitimate associations and the predictions on future benefits, the mentions are all about plastic recycling, chemical-free productions, sustainable industrial infrastructure, and the historically narrowed down path that led to global warming. It wasn’t triggered due to wrongful or unethical practices; it was triggered out of the devastating humanitarian crisis of last year, aggravated due to COVID-19 when the world shut down and there was a widespread panic for survival. Luxury seems to have caught up with the traditional value system, and the core belief could be the same as, ‘How to sell high-end goods and how to sell more?’ At last, the mirage of pushing things a little further seems to end at, ‘It’s all about the people, the planet, and purity of production.’ The things that need to be considered are likely based on a few key points of consciousness in the DNA of the company.

Products free from animal cruelty

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Asian brands, holding the title of the world’s second-largest cosmetics market, are easing out on animal testing. Experts predicted that by May 1, 2021, importers of general cosmetics – as distinct from ‘special use’ cosmetics – will not need to submit to animal testing if they can produce:

(1) A certificate issued by the authorities in the country of origin regarding a quality management system of cosmetics production; and

(2) Safety evaluation results that can sufficiently prove that all products including skin whitening products, sunscreens, anti-hair loss products, and other cosmetics that claim new function or new efficiency are subject to regulations. The same goes for organic textiles in India which require PETA’s approval to declare the authenticity regarding the quality.

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Recycling plastic

With Prada initiating the recycling of plastic a few years back, many other high-end luxury brands have come together to join hands for this initiation. They are gathering plastic waste and reproducing products that go towards making new collections that are offered online. It’s a guilt-free and conscious shopping experience to pick up those brands that are recycling plastic into ready-to-wear, furniture, or home decor products. Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons’ Prada FW21 collection was influenced by the concept of change and transformation, opening up a world of possibilities. A fusion between disparate themes and intents mirrors the nature of humanity. Reconfirmed commitment to the environment by signing a new sustainability-linked loan with the UNICREDIT banking group, worth € 90 million, is connected to the achievements of recycling plastic.

Adoption of organic fabrics

When we’ve become progressive enough to not view sewing anymore as just a profession that women pursue, in the same way, organic and earthy textile shouldn’t be limited to only a certain range of purchases by the middle-class clientele. Luxury brands are bringing in some of the best, organic limited editions into their collections. In a nutshell, chemicals don’t mean shiny and better; what’s better is less environmentally damaging and repairable fabrics. And finally, these fabrics have seen the daylight by getting adopted by some of the high-end luxury brands; this move adds up to the credibility and respect organic fabrics deserved for decades now. In a statement the Artistic Director at Hermes, Pierre-Alexis Dumas gave last year, he said “I remember my grandfather telling me as a kid, I heard him tell me literally, that ‘luxury is that which you can repair.’ And he told me that back in the ’60s, the ’70s – back when people didn’t care about repairing. Today we understand how important it is……” Yes, we do, living in a planet and a world that needs its repairing.

Old traditional value system

LVMH has always declared its commitment to excellence and creativity. It embodies a distinctive ‘art de vivre’ i.e., art of living, that fuses heritage and innovation. Uniting with modernism, LVMH maisons continuously renew their creations by viewing the world around us with a different eye. All their collaborated maisons share a collective passion and drive for creating products of impeccable quality while respecting the planet. Luxury brands like Dior, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Belmond, Hennessy, Moët & Chandon, Guerlain, Bulgari, Fred Paris, Zenith watches, etc. get innovative from time to time by merging old traditions and values with the new-age facelift, with the help of LVMH’s guidance and marketing strategies. These are the world’s top-notch leaders who have joined hands to bring back old, traditional values, and put out the strongest vintage charm by making pieces in accordance with modern living.
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Slow down fast fashion

With brands holding the history of being classic and vintage, it’s only fair to fuel more of that mindset back when the consumer used to buy a few pieces of higher value, and cherished them through generations, passing it on. Fast fashion has somewhere taken those credits down to the trashcan. Instead of Chanel getting valued for their vintage classics, fast fashion brands started producing similar silhouettes, colours, and styles, getting offered at a much cheaper and practical cost. Today’s buyer is more focused on quality goods, unlike what had started a decade ago. It’s no more a style-statement to keep on buying without repeating. Whether it is public figures or celebrities, everyone has encouraged and supported the ‘wear and repeat culture’ last season, and would be doing the same for more seasons coming ahead of us.

News HillsConscious culture

KERING – a global luxury group that manages the development of renowned maisons in fashion, leather goods, and jewellery and watchmaking, proudly joined ‘THE FASHION PACT’, revealing its progress report a few months ago. THE FASHION PACT signatories have identified the first tangible targets, and have established a way of working with luxury brands. Over 60 signatories launched stemming across multiple sectors and 14 countries, together representing over 200 brands and 1/3rd of the fashion industry. The priority is on the 7 strategic tangible targets, the pact commits across its 3 pillars of focusing to STOP GLOBAL WARMING, RESTORE BIODIVERSITY, PROTECT THE OCEAN. It’s only the beginning of the culture that will hold strong ethical values and techniques, shifting into harmless, harmonious creativity, and the invention of new products.

Sustainable stamp

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It was believed that luxurious cum ecological fashion brands were an oxymoron. It meant loose, multi-coloured hippy pants and scratchy sweaters. But the industry is truly over that boring, conscious clothing. With Gucci going fur-free and eco-friendlier, beautifully draped and tailored collections started coming out in fashion parades by Alessandro Michele. It has redefined luxury with a contemporary and organic approach to fashion. Gucci was named to Fast Company’s annual list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2021, honouring companies that have found ways to be resilient over the year, turning challenges into impact-making movements. Gucci was selected for its comprehensive efforts towards carbon-neutrality while challenging all industries to do the same.

Mindfulness touches every corner of today’s positive luxury and lifestyle. Each country is gearing up, focusing on its ambitions of achieving soulful science and techniques for production. What they support in the process of production and how better it can get is the new mantra of digital globalisation of marketing and sales among these luxury brands, which were ones considered high-end royals, not answerable to anything as long as they had their century-old trademarks cashing out from the
creme de la creme. It’s a new era of a soulful system since that’s the only obvious way to survive. So, it better be done rightfully before it’s too late.

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