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Surprising Incentives of Hugging You Should Not Ignore

Hugs speak louder than words. The sixth day of the ongoing Valentine’s week, when love is in the air, is reserved for hugs. It’s the perfect opportunity to express your love to your special someone if you haven’t found the right words yet. Hugs heal, so give your partner a warm and tight loving hug this day. One of the most beautiful expressions of love, hugging has certain proven health benefits, effective against depression, loneliness, and even physical ailments. Embracing someone can make their day instantly better and lift the mood, helping to get by the difficult times in life. As people worldwide mark this special day, here are some benefits and positive health effects brought about by hugs you should know about.

Lowers stress levels:According to research, men and women are both found to equally benefit from hugs. This is true, especially on days when there is a conflict. A paper published in PLOS One by Carnegie Mellon University revealed that a hug can aid lower stress after a dispute and have a positive effect on mood.

Lowers blood pressure: Your body releases oxytocin, known as the ‘cuddle hormone’ when you hug, touch or sit close to someone. This hormone can aid lower anxiety and relax you,which can effectively reduce blood pressure. A study claimed that women who hugged their romantic partners more frequently, experienced the most benefits of oxytocin.

Helps ease the pain: Hugging may effectively release tension and help soothe pains and aches. A study suggested that therapeutic touch may prove to be an effective form of treatment for improving the quality of life and relieving pain.

Improves sleep:Dealing with some sort of sleep disorder has become a common phenomenon lately. For those dealing with poor sleep qualityshould know that hugs can make sleep remarkably better. A study by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) concluded that a few minutes of contact with a partner and cuddling before sleep can enhance its quality.

Boosts Immunity:Hugs may actually be surprisingly effective in boosting your immunity. A study by Carnegie Mellon University revealed that hugs can improve immunity by fighting stress, known to often weaken the immune system. People with ongoing conflicts are more likely to fall sick due to increased stress.

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