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Skin and Hair Care Tips to Follow Before Playing With Colours

Holi is here and so are you worries about how to play with colours without damaging your skin and hair. The dry and wet colours used while playing this fun festival come with some harmful synthetic ingredients that may leave some damaging effects on your skin. However, with the ever evolving world of skincare, you do not need to fret.

Here are some ways you can go all in while playing with colours and splashing the water balloons:

If you are preparing to get all coloured with the gulal on Holi day, it is advised that you start one day before. Apply body oil all over. The oil does two things — first it provides deep nourishment to your exposed skin and second it acts as a shield for your hair and skin. The synthetic pigments of gulal and wet colours will not be able to penetrate the sensitive layers.

Besides applying oil one day before playing holi, one should also apply a layer of vaseline and body oil on the face and other exposed areas, especially the eye area and the eyelashes.

One should opt for full-sleeve clothes and try to cover most of the body area with a cloth to expose the least amount of skin to the colours. If you happen to have sensitive skin, then use organic colours or herbal colours like haldi, or gulal and do not forget to moisturise and oil your skin and hair, respectively.

After you are done playing with holi, use a gentle face and body wash all over the body. Use a loofah to gently scrub the skin to get rid of the colors. After you are done cleaning, apply a nourishing body lotion and face moisturizer as the skin is prone to become dry due to excess color and sun exposure.

For hair, use a shampoo to rinse the color off. Make sure you apply conditioner on the lengths of hair after you are done washing. Leave the conditioner on for a couple of minutes and then rinse with cold water.

For coloured hair, use colour protect conditioner and shampoo. If you have undergone a rebonding treatment three days before holi, then do not even plan to play it. While for those with rebonding treatment whose hair has been set, make sure you use shampoo and conditioner made for chemically treated hair.

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