Shraddha Kapoor’s beauty hack to fight acne is SHEER GENIUS

She is one of the most naturally beautiful actresses in the country. Not only is the stunner known for her acting skills, but also for her flawless beauty. And, you will not believe the fact but the actress prefers using home remedies to tackle beauty problems. In fact, she has an interesting hack to fight acne!

In an interview to a leading website, Shraddha spilled the beans on using toothpaste to tackle acnes on her face.

When asked to reveal the strangest beauty treatment that she’s tried. Shraddha said, “I’ll use toothpaste on my face if I have a zit. I think it helps dry it up.”

So, ever thought how does toothpaste cure acne? Here’s an explanation – Some varieties of toothpaste contain silica which keeps the moisture out and thus extinguishes acne. Toothpaste, in general, has a drying effect on acne, which causes them to simply fall off the skin and heal.

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