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Returning to Office During Covid? Here’s How You Can Be Safe to Resume Going to Workplace

The pandemic induced nationwide lockdown took a heavy toll on businesses and individuals. In the ongoing battle against COVID-19, Work From Home (WFH), has become a widely accepted arrangement. Now, with the restrictions being lifted, businesses are trying to use the opportunity to get back up and running. While working from home was a transition essential, amid the new normal, it was difficult for many. The government has released detailed regulations as many of us start venturing back to office. The pandemic is still there and one must not forget it. Yes, provisions are made as per official directives for thermal scanning and sanitizing at offices. However, it is of utmost importance that you personally take a few precautions as well. After all, when you return, it will be up to you to create a safe, hygiene-focussed office environment that is also considerate of mental health needs. Here’s how you can ensure a safe return to office:

1. Avoid group meetings and gatherings. Keep the number of people assembling in an area extremely limited according to the setup. It’s highly recommended that client meetings and even internal meetings are conducted via video conferencing.

2. Avoid touching doorknobs or lift buttons with bare hands. Be mindful of what you are touching and make sure you have a tissue handy. Not more than 3 people should be taking the elevator at once. Take the staircase instead and avoid touching the railing. If you happen to, immediately wash your hands with soap.

3. Find new ways of greeting. Hugging and handshaking is a NO-NO. Maintain social distancing when you interact with people.

4. Before you start work for the day, disinfect your desk, mouse, keyboard and the laptop/desktop screen daily.

5. Ensure there is a space of at least six feet between your and your colleague’s seats.

6. Before eating, wash your hands properly and have your meals at a distance from others. Avoid using shared cutlery and if you absolutely have to, wash it yourself.

7. Go paperless if you haven’t already. Propose digital and save paper. There is a high risk of coming in contact with papers as other people may have handled.

8. A toilet seat sanitizer is really important to spray before and after using shared toilet.

9. While commuting, don’t share your two-wheeler with anyone. If two or more people are travelling in a vehicle, maintain distance by sitting in a criss-cross pattern.

10. Wear a face mask at all times. Avoid using the same mask daily.

11. Use a digital wallet wherever possible to make payments instead of dealing in cash.

12. As soon as you reach back home, wash your hands and take a bath before touching anything.

Most importantly, in case you feel unwell or show some worrying symptoms, avoid going to your workplace.

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