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Reason Why Rose Day is Celebrated on February 7

Love is in the air, as February is here! Ushering in the romance, hosting celebration of love, February seems to be one of the most exciting and romantic months. Valentine’s Day celebration starts from the Rose day itself, which is on February 7, every year.

“Love is like a rose. When pressed between two lifetimes, it will last forever.” Thus, love and rose have been figuratively synonymous to each other. Nothing seems to befit the expression of amorous feelings more than the rose. The flower embodies the beauty and the fragrance that love emanates. So, it is not by mere accident that rose has been the official harbinger of the love week, i.e., the Valentine’s week.

Historically speaking, it was the Victorians who practiced the culture of exchanging roses as the token of love in order to convey feelings that could not be expressed with mere words. Following this, rose became the epitome of love and passion.

It is also said that Cleopatra and Antony were in a room strewn with roses, almost knee-deep. To Romans, rose symbolises purity of love. It is considered an aphrodisiac.

Significance of the rose lies in its intrinsic quality to evoke happiness, beauty, delight, elegance and inexplicable love. Roses embody the freshness, and the innocence, affection and warmth. One can convey the deepest of emotions through this delicate flower.

Rose Day is the opportunity for all lovers to shower their loved one with affection. Most of the time, the number of roses you give and the colour of rose you choose can be used to communicate your feelings. Like many forms of love relationship, the many hues of rose signify a particular meaning.

For instance, Redroses are meant for your beloved, the true Valentine of your life, and isthe best way to say ‘I love you’.Pink roses indicate admiration, gratitude andjoy.Yellow rose is meant for friendship, whileWhite roses embody purity andinnocence, hence mostly used in weddings and funerals.Peach roses symbolise the first blush of love, modesty and appreciation of beauty for your loved one.Orange roses symbolise intense passion and desire.

Apart from colours, the number of roses also conveys a lot. Now, if you want to convey that you are a secret admirer, then 13 roses should be picked. 11 signifies you are deeply in love. To thank someone, you can gift 1 rose and to propose marriage, go for 2 entwined roses (red and white).

So, go ahead and celebrate the love that you wish for this Rose Day!

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