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Rahul Gandhi prepares raita, expresses wish to eat winged termite in Tamil Nadu | India News

TRICHY: “Vengayam…..Thayir ….Kalluppu,” Congress leader Rahul Gandhi shouts as he prepares onion raita. “It’s good,” Rahul says while tasting it after mixing them. One of the cooks who is standing near him says, “You only prepared it.”
The video on the YouTube channel — called Village Cooking Channel — shows Rahul Gandhi preparing onion raita and later eating mushroom biryani. It was released on Friday night.
Village Cooking Channel is run by a family in Chinna Veeramangalam village in Pudukkottai district of Tamil Nadu.
The video was shot on the outskirts of Karur town on January 25, during the Congress leader’s three-day political campaign in the state. The meeting between the YouTubers and Rahul Gandhi was planned by Karur Congress MP Jothimani Sennimalai.
The 14-minutes-long video shows Rahul Gandhi interacting with the YouTubers and asking them about Tamil cuisine. “We were surprised to learn that he follows our videos. He used the same tone and slang as those of our grandpa while adding the ingredients,” said V Ayyanar, a member of the channel.
“We cannot believe that a leader like Rahul Gandhi was with us for about 35 minutes. He (Rahul) inquired us about our aspirations. We shared our interest in travelling and cooking dishes in foreign countries. He assured to help us,” said V Subramanian, cameraman of the YouTube channel.
“We were not sure whether Rahul Gandhi would eat nonvegetarian food. So we opted to cook mushroom biriyani,” Subramanian added.
After eating the mushroom biryani sitting on a mat, Rahul said in Tamil, ‘Romba nalla irukku’ (it is really good).
Before leaving, Rahul said, “Next time when I come, you have to make me try the termite (eesal or winged termite).” Two years ago, the channel released a video on preparing a dish with winged termites.
Well, Rahul, who off late speaks about Tamil spirit, has got one more reason to visit the state.

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