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Paul Rupesh Creates Controversy with His Book ‘The Snakes Under the Yoga Mat’

Filmmaker Paul Rupesh, known for his controversial movies bounces back to limelight after a short break with five sensational books. The writer-director who took a small break from his filmmaking career has returned with two shocking memoirs, a poetry collection, a scandalous book on yoga and another one explicitly titled ‘F*** OFF’.

The writer has already stirred up emotions with his book ‘The Snakes Under the Yoga Mat’ that condemns Yoga and calling it as a lie.

“Yoga carries the darkest and dirtiest of secrets within its ‘beneficial’ folds, and in this book of shocking reveals, all those deceptions come undone. Yoga is an internationally celebrated scam, sold as ‘the one cure’ for all medical and spiritual maladies,” the books says.

‘F*** Off’ enters the legacy of other ‘F’ word titled best sellers. The book addresses several issues like patriarchy, narcissism, democracy and world’s social structure with thoughts that sound most conservative, but with a millennial’s language expressing it. It talks about the porn industry, the vegan war and wars in general, making one reflect on everything they have only ever known one side of.

‘The Girls I Murdered By Mistake’ is a memoir. Don’t let this book’s title confuse you, for it was the only possible way this writer could imagine getting over those intensely passionate, toxic love affairs.

‘A Child’s Diary of Sins’ is an account of adventurous events that a man in his forties remembers from his forbidden world of childhood. It may be a story of alleged childish episodes, yet it’s anything but innocent.

‘Abandoned Love Poems’ is a collection of poems of love and desire. Poems of violence and obsession. This book doesn’t have a copyright page. The writer refuses to acknowledge these poems as he believes that owning them would break him down again.

“For poetry, the era walks with Rupesh”, wrote the famous poet Balachandran Chullikkadu in one of Rupesh’s book prefaces.

All these books are available online on Amazon, Apple Books and Barnes and Nobles in soft and hard copies.

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