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My COVID vaccine experience: “I had chills and felt feverish after the second dose of Moderna”

Sunder Subramaniam is fully vaccinated, having received both the doses of Moderna vaccine. While they did experience certain side effects, but they both feel fine now.

I and my wife are in USA. I am 76 and my wife is 68. I am a hypertensive on treatment and taking thyroxin for hypothyroidism. My wife is a mild diabetic and mild hypertensive.

On February 4, I had my first dose of Moderna vaccine. There were absolutely no issues except a slight pain at the site of injection. But my controlled BP of 125/85 went up to 140/95. My wife had her 1st dose Moderna vaccine on 12th FEB. She had no problems at all. But after fifteen days, her BP reading was 190/100. She is also a COPD patient on inhalation treatment with CPAP at night. Her oxygen concentration level was 97%.

On March 4, I had my second dose. I had a fair amount of pain in the arm. Next day I had chills and feverish-ness though body temperature was 98 F. I felt exhausted and felt like lying down and went to bed at 7.30 itself. After that there has not been any problem. My BP is back to 125/85. My wife had her 2nd dose on March 12 and she is also absolutely fine. Her BP also has got back to 130/85. Now as on March 19, we are both fine.

Did you get the COVID-19 vaccine? If yes, you can share your experience with us.

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