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My COVID vaccine experience: “I felt nausea and feverish a few hours after vaccination”

Having spent quality time with his family during the lockdown, eager to get back to travel, Rakesh Mathur booked his vaccine appointment. He was truly impressed by the professionalism of the staff and how smoothly the vaccine was administered. Here’s his vaccine story

I am in pretty good health for a 67 years young man by grace of God. I have been enjoying my golden years in the company of my family, especially my toddler granddaughter, who has just started to articulate a few words and still express her commands in a no nonsense manner. I love to travel and was waiting to restart once the vaccine was made available to us. As I am fairly tech savvy, I started my attempts to book a vaccination slot from March 1 itself and got absolutely no where. A few rantings on Facebook and whatsapp groups provided solace that I was not alone in my frustrations.

Finally, on March 8th evening, I was thrilled to get a booking at Manipal Hospital, Whitefield, Bengaluru for forenoon of March 14. I got up early and my son and I reached the hospital and were surprised to find only a few persons there. Attributing this to Lady Luck, I joined the small group of fellow senior citizens and their minders only to be informed that there is no vaccination on Sundays. All of us, including the hospital staff double checked the appointment messages and were left flummoxed.

After some hectic phoning to their seniors, the staff politely informed us seniors that we can come the next day and will be given priority. Meanwhile at my suggestion, the staff agreed to have the registration forms filled and files made and kept ready while we were there.

I made my way back, frankly doubting the assurance given for any priority and was convinced that it was just a ploy to disperse us. Monday brought a pleasant surprise at the hospital. We were allowed immediate entry, our files were ready at the counters and within no time I was escorted with all courtesy by the staff to the vaccination site. Everyone was so polite and caring.The jab was virtually painless, as was the whole process.The vaccinator informed me that I was being administered 0.5 ml of Covishield and then was taken to the observation room to sit for 30 minutes.Well done Manipal Hospital!

Post jab, I was ok till evening, when I experienced stiffness at the vaccination spot, a slight nausea and feverish feeling. I did not take any medicine and hit the bed early to the great consternation of my grand daughter, who expected me to serve her biddings. I am better today,except for a slight headache. I urge all citizens to go for vaccination. And the Government and hospitals to conduct vaccinations on all days without any break for Sunday, so that the fight against COVID can be won quickly.

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