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My COVID story 2021: I was COVID positive and asymptomatic

Anjali Vinayak Bhalerao was worried about the rising cases in Maharashtra but had to plan an emergency visit to her daughter in Wardha. Soon after returning, she got a mandatory COVID test done before rejoining work, which turned out positive. Here’s her COVID story

It was the 2nd of March, Tuesday morning. Me and my husband were just back from Wardha after visiting our daughter for a couple of days. It was an unplanned and kind of an emergency visit. Covid cases were rising sharply in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra and we were quite skeptical about the visit.

I had a bath followed by a good breakfast and was planning to get my RTPCR test done as I was on leave for a couple of days and as per the company rule, an absence of more than seventy two hours from work needed a negative RTPCR report before rejoining. I had done this earlier also in the month of December and was not at all anxious about it. I had absolutely no symptoms of any kind. Overall I am a normal healthy individual with not even a history of common cold in the past six months.

I went in for the test and gave my nasopharyngeal swab samples and went on with my pending work before resuming my office. Usually the reports are delivered in the mail by eight in the night the same day. I looked up the mailbox a couple of times but could not see any mail from the lab.

I was eagerly waiting for the report as I had to resume my duties the next morning and a delay would cause an extra leave along with inconvenience. I kept checking the mailbox till I fell asleep. Finally I gave up and prepared my mind for another day of leave. Next day in the morning a weird thought rushed through my mind. Why this delay? Am I positive for COVID? How could that be? I had absolutely no symptoms. The whole day I kept checking my mailbox but in vain. In the evening, I lost my patience and called up the lab. The lady at the other end asked me to wait till seven in the evening as my report was being reviewed. My heart skipped a beat. Am I positive? No it can’t be. I had no symptoms. At seven, I was buying veggies for the week and was done with it. Had to just pay the man and leave. I thought of checking the mail once on my mobile. The report had come. Hurriedly I opened the attachment and stared at it in disbelief. I was positive. Reprocessed and confirmed. I felt so weak in the knees, shocked with anxiety I just left the veggies with the man and returned home.

Next day I had to get myself examined at a COVID center in a hospital. I had still not acquired any of the symptoms so they advised me home quarantine for two weeks with just a few vitamin tablets and a short course of antibiotics as a precaution. The next two weeks passed just waiting to see if any of the symptoms appear but by the grace of God I was the same throughout. Healthy and happy as always. Maybe the virus has become less potent or it entered the body of a wrong host. Only for the isolation which was kind of a punishment for an active and enthusiastic person like me. Maybe this was a planned by God to make me sit back, relax and enjoy my solitude.

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