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Micro review: ‘Quichotte’ by Salman Rushdie

‘Quichotte’ is Salman Rushdie’s reimagining of Don Quixote, and a great read for all his fans.

The book, pronounced key-shot, follows an Indian American, who is deeply obsessed with a reality TV show star ‘Salma R’ and sets off on a journey with his imaginary son Sancho. He travels across America to prove he’s worthy of the love of Salma.

Though the premise sounds odd and the character sounds mad, the book is an utter delight to read. Written with the magic realism that will delight anyone’s imaginations, the book is dreamy and mystical. It highlights heavy themes such as racism, especially in Trump’s America; abuse, hypocricy but without ever seeming too heavy. It’s rife with humour and beautiful language. It’s not a light read, for the language requires attention, but it’s definitely a must-read.

How critics view the book:
“A meditation on storytelling, memory, truth, and other hallmarks of a disappearing civilization . . . Humane and humorous. Rushdie is in top form,” wrote Kirkus Reviews

“Allowing the wild adventure to overwhelm oneself is half the fun. Rushdie’s extravagant fiction is the lie that tells the truth . . . A brilliant rendition of the cheesy, sleazy, scary pandemonium of life in modern times,” said Publishers Weekly

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