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Messages and Quotes to Share with Your Beloved

Valentine’s week is here and the lovebirds have already started planning for the celebrations. The whole week starting from February 7 to February 14 is filled with love and excitement. On the third day of the V week i.e. February 9, falls the Chocolate Day. Couples exchange chocolates on the day with the hope that it spreads the sweetness in their relationship as well. Chocolates are loved by everyone and it brings an instant smile on the face.

Along with the chocolates, you can also share a sweet heartfelt message or quote with your partner to express thelove. Here are some of the wishes and messages you can share on this sweet occasion:

1. Thought of sending tonnes of chocolates for you, but couldn’t find anything sweeter than you and your smile. Happy Chocolate Day!

2. As today is chocolate day, I am sending you a sweet list to know my importance in your life. Dairy Milk for love, Perk for friends, KitKat for best friends, Polo for hatred and Mentos for cool persons. Reply and tell what we share. Happy Chocolate Day!

3. On this chocolate day, I wish your life to be filled with happiness and joy and hope that the sweetness of chocolate fills every page of your life. Happy Chocolate day!

4. I love chocolates and I love you and also love the things you do. Wish you a very happy chocolate day and hope to spread all the sweetness in the bond we share.

5. I want to be in such a relationship where the love and emotions flourish as the taste of the chocolate. No matter how small the size will spread the same amount of sweetness in the bond we share. Happy Chocolate Day!

6. As chocolates are necessary to cut the bitterness, you are necessary for me to live a happy life. Happy Chocolate Day!

7. Chocolates resemble the love for you in my heart, the more you feel the more you love. Happy Chocolate Day!

8. As health is important, I wish you a very happy calorie-free chocolate day wrapped in a bundle of sweet joy. Happy Chocolate Day!

The other day celebrated during the Valentine’sWeek includes Rose Day, Propose Day, Promise Day, teddy day, Hug Day and Kiss Day.

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