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Meet Amazing Odissi Dancer Srinika Purohit in Ep 4

The fourth episode of BYJU’S Young Genius will feature child prodigy Srinika Purohit for her exceptional dancing abilities. Renowned classical dancer Dr Mallika Sarabhai and Bollywood actor Rajkummar Rao will be seen mentoring the youngster on the weekly show.

Srinika is one of the youngest dancers to perform at the India International Dance Festival. She has also performed in countries such as Singapore, Japan and USA. The 10-year-old aspires to become a scientist and an even better dancer.

When we caught up with Srinika’s mother, she said, “My daughter was two-month-old when I started my rehearsals, so she used to be into music for longer time in the day. She understood the music when she was very small. When she grew up, she started copying me like all the other kids do, they copy their parents. She was deeply in love with the odissi music and dance. She used to stop crying while watching the odissi dance videos.”

Srinika’s mother further said, “She is also making others love odissi dance. It will be a privilege, if through her, we can take odissi dance throughout the world. We can develop more love towards this art form. It is a very precious and rich art form of India.”

The fourth episode of BYJU’S Young Genius will be aired on February 6. The episode will be telecast on 18 channels of Network18 on Saturday, and the repeat telecast will happen on Sunday.

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