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Make your own herb butter for your X’mas meal

Herb butter can be one of the best accompaniments to a meal. Its rich taste can create a flavourful gravy and enhance the flavour of soups and it’s a must at Christmas to enhance the taste of turkey. While picking up a packet from the market is one option, it’s also easy to make herb butter at home.

How to make it

Herb butter is nothing but butter that fresh or dried herbs. To make it, place your square of plain butter into a clean mixing bowl. Chop your herbs – rosemary, parsley, thyme and age – and add this to the butter. You can add grated lemon zest for more flavour. Run a fork through it to mix well. Sprinkle Himalayan pink salt or sea salt into it as well as fresh black pepper. Add it to the waxed paper and make it into a log shape. Refrigerate. Place it on the table as it is or make small roundels and place it on side plates at the festive lunch table.

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