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India Ranks 6th In The World Music Uniqueness Score, A Global Survey Finds

From Bihugeet in Assam, to Baul in Bengal and from Naattupurapaattu in Tamil Nadu to Abhangas in Maharashtra, India has a rich culture of music. That is what has earned India the 6th position in the world music uniqueness score, in a new global survey. While, the country comfortably sits at the 20th position when it comes to ‘The Global Influential Music Index’. The data has been released by Medimops, a European music CD and online records company.

India is amongst the only three Asian countries alongside Japan and South Korea, to be featured in the list of 30 countries. With a score of 58.4, India ranks above the likes of Belgium, Austria, Denmark etc.

The artists whose music is streamed the most around the world ​come from the USA, followed by the UK, Canada, South Korea, France, Germany, Puerto Rico, Australia, Spain and Sweden. According to the survey, the English singer Ed Sheeran known for the songs like—Perfect, Castle on the Hill etc is the most played music act ​on streaming services globally, followed by Billie Eilish and Post Malone.

The study further found that amongst the top 5 countries which dominate the world of music are—USA, UK, France, Germany & Canada with the scores of 100.0, 75.3, 62.7, 62.7 & 61.4 respectively. Brazil tops the chart when it comes to World Music Uniqueness, meaning its folk and traditional music is the most distinct from the other countries in the index. It is followed by ​Colombia​ and ​Ireland​.

The study had four major categories which finally contributed in determining the global influence of these countries musically. The categories were—most played acts originating from a country, the influence which the country’s music has worldwide, the number of historically renowned musicians and world music uniqueness.

Russia produces the most Classical music​, while the ​USA​ produces the most ​Rock, Pop and Electronic​ genre of music. The study also tried to understand how far each country supported the development of a local music ecosystem, so it also looked into the existing infrastructure. These ranged rom the number of music schools and major labels to the percentage of people working in the music industry. As per the study, India has 11 top music schools & has HQs of 27 major music labels.

With the growing influence of India, in various other domains across the world, this study clearly shows yet another dominance of the country in the field of music.

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