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Home Life Style How can you help your teen deal with body image issues?

How can you help your teen deal with body image issues?

As per statistics, most eating disorders begin in the teen years. Recent studies have also shown that over 60% of girls suffer from poor self-esteem and have body image issues.

There’s also an increased amount of pressure teenagers and young adults can face living in the era of social media and filtered photographs.

The pressure from advertisements, peers and not to forget, unrealistic physical standards can also feel overwhelming and paint a false image.

Low self-esteem and body image issues can act as direct triggers for mental health problems, and hence, need urgent attention.

Therefore, simply telling your child to eat “well” or ignore the trolls isn’t a solution.

To help your budding teen to become more body-positive, the right conditioning needs to be done at home. We tell you some ways to have the right conversation.

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