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History, Significance and Rituals of the Auspicious Day

According to Hindu Panchang, March 20, Saturday is the Shukla Paksha Saptami Tithi. The day will mark the celebration of Rohini Vrat which is mainly observed by women for the long and fulfilling life of their husbands. Out of the 27 Nakshatras in the Jain and Hindu calendar, Rohini fast is observed on the day when the nakshatra prevails after sunrise. Those keeping the fast should know that the parana is performed during Margashirsha Nakshatra.

Rohini Vrat: Significance

It is believed that observing Rohini vrat brings great benefits including happiness, prosperity and togetherness of the family and long life of the spouse. Devotees believe that people who pray to Rohini on this day can eradicate poverty, troubles, as well as sorrows from their life.

Rohini Vrat: History

According to Hindu books, Lord Mahavir lived like an ascetic always advocated peace and non-violence. Considered as the founder of Jainism, he was preceded by 23 of his holy men known as Tirthankaras or pathfinders. They would live as ascetics and were involved in severe spiritual meditation. Devotees believe that Mahavir believed only when a person crosses the attachment to the physical body, only then one can attain self-realization, which is the ultimateculmination of human birth.

Jainism depicts an ascetic life of absolute renunciation for those willing to give up all the worldly pleasures and devote themselves to spiritual life. Individuals who lead a regular household life are allowed to abide by the commandments of Jainism and lead a normal life, however, without giving in to overindulgence.

Rohini Vrat: Rituals

There are 12 Rohini fasting days usually in a single year. The Rohini Nakshatra fast is ended when the Margashirsha Nakshatra rises, which marks the end of the festival. Keeping this fast is believed to eradicate the sorrows and poverty from your life.

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