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Here is a Look at This Unique Diet Plan

Eggs are, as we all know, a popular, healthy nutritional choice. Loaded with omega-3 and protein, eggs ensure you good health and fitness. If you strategically incorporate this nutrient-rich food in your meal plan, you can bid your extra fat good-bye in no time. The secret lies in eating the right way.

What does this egg diet plan entail?

It is a weight loss plan which includes at least one big meal of the day built around eggs. The egg diet is highly instrumental in weight loss since it does not make a person lose muscle mass. The diet plan lets you have three meals in a day, with sufficient water intake, sans snacking. An egg-only diet or a boiled egg diet are the most popular variations comprising this diet.

Here are the benefits of this egg diet:

Boosts metabolism: Dependent on the presence of amino acids, weight loss is directly related to your improved metabolic process. Egg are thermogenic, containing 9 essential amino acids that enhance metabolism and provide strength. Amino acids fuel cells in processing protein and producing energy.

Boost your brain health to ensure weight loss: This sounds weird, right? Well, but it’s absolutely true. Eggs have a very pertinent nutrient in them called choline which aids in brain development and protects it. Studies have shown that there is a link between healthy brain and weight loss. Choline, lutein found in eggs ensure the smooth functioning of brain by strengthening memory, muscle control, improving mood, keeping anxiety, depression at bay; thereby benefiting your weight loss plan.

Monitors thyroid: Eggs have Iodine and selenium that are essential to synthesize thyroid hormones. And the thyroid is a key organ influencing weight management, since it regulates the body’s metabolism.

Keeps you fuller for a prolonged period: Not only does the egg diet ensure improved metabolism with high energy levels but also keeps you fuller for longer. It doesn’t make you feel peckish, rather leaves you feel satiated. It is a crucial factor in weight loss that this diet takes care of.

Reduces calorie-intake: While you are trying to shed extra kilos, watching calorie count is a must. 1 egg has 74 calories. Moreover, since 1 egg contains about six grams of protein, besides essential fat and vitamins that keep you satiated for long; it reduces overall calorie intake.

Vitamin D burns belly fat: Egg yolks are rich source of vitamin D. A healthy does of vitamin D helps you lose ab fat.

It has been reported that those who have eggs for breakfast found a 34% decrease in inches around their waist and a 16 percent decrease in body fat.

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