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Gwyneth Paltrow claims her diet helped her heal from long COVID. Here’s why this is worrying health experts

Long COVID is the puzzling phenomenon that is now a plaguing side-effect of the COVID battle affecting 1 in 4 people, including Hollywood celebrity Gwyneth Paltrow.

The famous celebrity and wellness entrepreneur recently opened up about her experience with COVID in the early months. Ever since, she has gone at length to speak about the lingering long COVID symptoms she went through- including fatigue and brain fog.

Most recently, she also talked about the at-home strategies she has been trying to get her health ‘back on track’, which seem to have provoked medical experts worldwide.

Gwyneth, who also has her own wellness website and has been trolled for certain outright approaches in the past spoke about how “intuitive fasting”, herbal cocktails helped her tackle the ills of long COVID.

The remedies particularly ruffled up the feathers of NHS, UK Director, who advised people to not follow her advice blindly.

Can diets help with COVID-19?

The Hollywood star recently detailed a blog post about her experience with the new-age therapy, adding that the functional therapies she followed are helping her battle long COVID, which she knows is a long road to healing.

In the blog, Paltrow mentioned that she embarked on a “keto and plant-based” diet, which involving fasting until 11 am every day, “lots of coconut aminos” and sugar-free kombucha and kimchi. She also recommended the benefits of using a supplement from her personal brand, and regular sauna visits.

The actress also added that she had studied the efficacy of following the novel diet plan.

Is there a way to fight long COVID?

Long COVID can span for weeks, months at a stretch and leave a lot of implications for your health.

The way to getting your health back on track involves a lot of rest, recovery and nutrition-dense foods. Unfortunately, a single diet plan or foods won’t help much.

Scientists have also been long stressing about the lack of evidence about immunity-boosting diets to prevent COVID as well. Neither do Vitamin C and Zinc supplementation help treat, prevent COVID.

Medical experts, including the NHS, UK Director are now asking people to not try on radical, unproven strategies and instead, believe in medical science. “Like the virus, misinformation carries across borders and it mutates and it evolves. We need to take long Covid seriously and apply serious science. All influencers who use social media have a duty of responsibility and a duty of care around that.”

Gwyneth Paltrow also found herself in hot waters in the past when she started selling jade eggs, and various sexual health products, not particularly medically proven or fact-checked to work.

What should you eat post COVID recovery?

Since the SARS-COV-2 is a virus that takes a huge toll on the body, and can even disturb your basic metabolic function, appetite and eating patterns, it is usually not recommended for recovered patients to follow diets that would have them missing out on certain food groups.

A good post-COVID-care plan needs a person to eat a nutritionally rich diet, which covers up deficiencies, aids the body in recovery and covers up shortages and lingering problems too. A lot of COVID patients also go through extreme weight loss, fatigue and metabolic imbalance through the course of infection. Following fad food trends, or diets such as Keto aren’t sustainable too.

If you have just recovered from COVID-19, there are certain things you should take care of:

-Having adequate water intake through the day and other replenishing fluids

-Eating a nutritious diet comprising of all essential food groups

-Foods which help the body recover, sustain proper bodily functions
-Taking supplements, medicines, as needed

Apart from this, making time for physical activity, incorporating yoga, breathing exercises are also important to resume a normal pace of life and be healthy.

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