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global math olympiad: Airoli student wind global math olympiad

MUMBAI: Shlok Banerjee, a 10-year-old, class IV student from Euroschool Airoli has won the Gold medal at the World International Mathematical Olympiad (WIMO) held in the first week of January.

Shlok successfully attempted 30 questions in 120 minutes. He got the opportunity to participate in WIMO after winning in Thailand International Mathematical Olympiad (TIMO) conducted by the Global Olympiads Academy.

“Mathematics is my favourite subject in which I usually score the highest. But I thought only scoring highest in exams is not enough, I thought if I start solving tough questions, it will eventually help me in furnishing my skill in solving problems in day to day life which is an important aspect for the future. My school helped me a lot in this regard,” said Shlok.

WIMO is a global mathematical society to form an union to train Maths elite students. Sudeshana Chatterjee, principal, EuroSchool Airoli said, “Despite being a class IV student, he’s got a special ability to solve mathematics questions of higher classes. The entire school is proud of him and the faculty members due to whom he is what he is today.”

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