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Home Life Style Fudge vs. Ganache: What's the difference?

Fudge vs. Ganache: What’s the difference?

1. Traditionally, Ganache is created when heated whipping cream is added still warm to melt the chocolate. It usually only needs to be cooled to room temperature. On the other hand, Fudge requires a good chilling in the fridge to set before serving.

2. Another major difference is in usage. Ganache is often used as a filling or an icing, while Fudge can be enjoyed all by itself.

3. Though fudge is commonly made with chocolate, it can also be flavoured with countless other ingredients like peanut butter, vanilla, coffee etc. Unlike Fudge, chocolate is indeed the main ingredient in a Ganache.

4. The mixture of Fudge has to be whipped while cooling to achieve the required consistency. But the mixture of Ganache doesn’t have to be whipped while cooling.

Pic credit: Pexels

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