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From Makki ki Roti-Sarson ka Saag to Rogan Josh, 5 Winter Delicacies You Must Try

The cold season comes with its own benefits for the foodies. There are tons of delicacies you do not want to miss during the winters because the season is short and the list is very long.

While the chill in the air is still strong, it will not last long. With the winter season soon approaching its end, you may want to check a few winter foods off the list. We have prepared a list of the five best winter delicacies that you should try before the season ends.

1. Makki ki Roti-Sarson ka Saag

A popular winter meal from Punjab, Makki ki roti and Sarson ka Saag is a dish to relish all winters. Preferred during any time of the day, saag (made with sarson and palak leaves) with a dollop of homemade butter is best enjoyed with makki ki roti, made from flour of corn.

2. Rogan Josh

A signature Kashmiri dish, Rogan Josh, is a must-try winter meal for those who like mutton. The dish takes its delicious taste from the special Kashmiri spices in which it is cooked. This is known to be the best mutton delicacy and it just melts in mouth.

3. Shakarkandi

A popular street food during winters, Shakarkandi or Sweet potato is extremely delicious and rich in nutrition. One can take a plateful from a street vendor and relish its rich taste. Usually it’s roasted in sand, then peeled, chopped and garnished with spices and chutney. This is one of the best snacks during winters, especially when you are out on the streets during the day.

4. Gajar Halwa

Those who have a sweet tooth can never afford to miss the gajar halwa during winters. Made with carrot, in milk or milk solids, boiled till it becomes a halwa mixture, gajar halwa is a flavoursome winter dessert.

5. Daulat ki Chaat

Known by several names like ‘malai makhan’ and ‘nimish’, the popular Daulat ki Chaat is a soft and fluffy winter dessert. This frothy mixture is made from churning milk and cream.

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