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Five North Indian Scrumptious Snacks to Try at Home

Who wouldn’t want to devour crunchy, crispy, mouth-watering snacks laid out on the table, with a nice cup of hot chai on the side! Snacks are an all-time favourite and an integral part of our lives. Right from assuaging sudden hunger pangs, to accompanying a tete-a-tete to treating guests during celebrations- snacks have been a dynamic food.

The very idea of relishing snacks during evenings or at mid-day to pause and unwind is blissful.

And North India has been the hub of exciting, scrumptious snacks. Here are some awesome North Indian sizzling snack recipes for you to whip up in your kitchen:

1. Moong Dal kachori: The very thought of taking a bite of the flaky, savoury kachori prepared freshly at home, is divine. Deep-fried flour-breads stuffed with yummy, spiced lentils are a popular snack of all time. Dunk the kachoris in potato curry, or green chutney, and relish the flavourful snack.

2. Paneer pakoda: Fritters are love! Especially paneer pakoda prepared with gram flour, onions, ginger-garlic paste, turmeric are simply delicious. Have it with tomato sauce or while sipping tea- they taste equally great. Be it in winter or summer or rainy season, this snack never fails to impress.

3. Dhokla: A Gujarati snack which is healthy, tasty, and has become very popular among North Indians. Mostly served with green chillies, mustard, dhokla is made with baking soda, moong dal, curry leaves. You can have it for breakfast as well.

4. Bread pakoda: Bread slices coated in thick besan, coriander batter, left to fry with potato, chilly filling inside – is by far one of the most famous snack recipes of North India. Easy to make at home, crispy and soft bread pakodas with green or tomato chutneys are a delight.

5. Kathi roll: Yet another very popular snack loved by one and all is roll. Chicken or mutton pieces, onion, green chillies, coriander leaves rolled into a fried paratha with an egg in it, is yum. A wonderful, delectable recipe for all foodies.

Last year owing to the lockdown, most of us now feel quite at home with doing things on our own. So, how about making some of these palatable snacks at home and relish them!

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