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Five Essential Food Items to Include in Your Postpartum Diet

After successfully going through the beautiful but tiring process of childbirth, it’s time to focus on the steps ahead. While you had taken good care of your diet during pregnancy, a healthy diet is equally important post the delivery as well. This postpartum period is difficult but with a properly balanced diet, you should be able to keep healthy for yourself as well as your baby.

There are a few essential tips to take note of when you plan your postpartum diet; this comprises the kind of food items to include in your plan and other important tips to note. Take a look at the following to make your diet plan easy.

1-Drink a lot of fluids

Needless to say, your body always needs fluids when you are breastfeeding. Try to include fluids like milk, juices and shakes in your daily diet. Water is a very essential fluid during this time, so make sure you drink at least 6-8 glasses of water regularly.

2-Eat foods rich in protein

After child birth, your body needs to recover and proteins play an important part in it. Depending on your body weight, you should take appropriate amount of protein to regain strength. For those who were already underweight need to consume extra protein.

3-Fruits and vegetables are a must

Make sure to have at least half a plate of just fruits and vegetables in the daily meals. Raw fruits and vegetables rich in proteins and vitamins are a direct source of health and the fibre in them helps prevent constipation. Try to make the serving as colourful as possible.

4-Take prenatal vitamins

If you choose to breastfeed, it is suggested to continue taking your prenatal vitamin supplements. Consult your doctor to know which ones to go ahead with.

5-Avoid junk food, caffeine and alcohol

Junk food can be okay at times but should not be a replacement for meals. Caffeine and alcohol, on the other hand, should totally be avoided as they are not healthy for a breastfeeding mother. Caffeine affects growth and alcohol can harm the brain development of the baby.

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