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Easy DIY Gifting Ideas for Your Special One

The season of love is already here and you can actually sense it in the air. With red heart-shaped balloons on roadsides, roses lined up at florists’ and love themed décor at most places, you can feel the enthusiasm with which Valentine’s Day is celebrated all over the world.

As is customary, special gifts are exchanged with promises of love and togetherness. While there are innumerable gifts available in the market, from bath sets, customised labels, cushions and so on, nothing beats the idea of a gift made with love by self.

A gift made by yourself for your partner will be cherished invaluably and becomes a gesture and expression of immense love. This is something that a bought gift will not be able to express!

But what to actually design! There are some DIY ideas to make the best gift as per the taste and likeness of your partner. Take a look:

Origami heart flower bouquet

The classic technique of origami never goes old. Use your craft skills to create beautiful heart-shaped flowers and arrange them in a bouquet.

Pop-up card

A simple Valentine’s card can surely be warm and full of love, but better to give it a 3D effect.

Engraved candle

As popular it is, engraving names on trees is not so cool anymore. Carve your names on a scented candle and let your names be aromatic in love forever.

Heart game box

Love the classic game of tic-tac-toe? Paint it on a heart-shaped box and play with colourful gems. The winner gets to eat them all!

Cupcake bouquet

For the couple who can’t get enough of desserts… bake some delicious cupcakes and arrange them in a colourful terracotta pot. Let each one take a bite of love together.

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