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Coronavirus vaccines: Will you get an adverse reaction from a COVID-19 shot? Myths, doubts busted

Adverse events after inoculation, categorized as AEFI are said to be a medical occurrence which can happen after immunization, related or unrelated to the vaccine, which can be unexpected or dangerous in nature.

While vaccines do create some side-effects which are usually mild and reactogenic in nature, sometimes, unprecedented reactions may also take place. However, they rarely occur. There are only a few documented cases for the same.

In India, nearly 447 adverse reactions have been reported out of 2.1 lakh vaccinations so far. Less than 5 have been reported to be serious in nature or related to the vaccine. 2 deaths have been recorded, which, again have not been linked to the vaccine.

Globally, the most severe reactions have been recorded with the Pfizer vaccine, which led to 30 deaths that may or may not be linked to inoculation.

Do remember, vaccines are generally safe to use and the risk of complications is relatively low.

In the lack of well-backed research and investigation, it would be difficult to link all adverse reactions to the vaccines being used right now. Further investigation will be needed to confirm the same.

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