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Coronavirus Vaccine: Would it help if you had the choice to choose your vaccine?

In the future weeks, there may come a time when we get to select the vaccine of our choice or the way we get it.

The differences, between vaccines, exist but are very small right now.

For example, a big distinction between the vaccines used right now is the manner in which they are made. mRNA vaccines (Moderna and Pfizer’s) use a novel approach to make antibodies in the body, whereas traditional vaccines (such as Oxford-Astrazeneca, Covaxin) use an inactive strain of the virus to train the immune system.

The vaccines being administrated right now are also mostly two-dose regimes, which work best when injected weeks apart. The only real difference is, while mRNA vaccines have a lower waiting time between the doses, traditional vaccines can be injected upto 6 weeks after the initial dose.

In comparison to them, Johnson and Johnson’s unique one-dose vaccine, which has just been recently won nods for usage may be a better selling point and a better option to choose when it is made available.

As for the side-effects, almost all of the COVID-19 vaccines are known to cause similar-ranging reactions which can be mild or moderate.

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