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Coronavirus: CDC’s new guidelines suggest doing these three things with your mask for better protection against COVID-19

Masks are essential for primary protection against coronavirus, which can lead to infection of the upper respiratory system. One needs to be very careful while wearing and removing them. A simple mistake could increase the risk of infection. Here are a few things that you must do while wearing and removing the mask.

While wearing a mask:

Step 1: Wash your hands properly with soap and water or 70 per cent alcohol-based sanitiser before touching the mask.

Step 2: Inspect the mask for damage and dirt.

Step 3: Put on the marks on your face properly, covering your mouth, nose and chin. There should not be any gaps on the sides.

While removing the mask:

Step 1: Clean your hands with soap and water or sanitiser before removing the mask.

Step 2: Remove the mask by the straps behind the ears or head.

Step 3: If the mask is not dirty then store it in a plastic bag, else wash it with soap and hot water.

Step 4: Clean your hand after removing your mask.

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