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Home Life Style Coronavirus: Can COVID-19 cause diabetes? Here's what you should know

Coronavirus: Can COVID-19 cause diabetes? Here’s what you should know

From anecdotal evidence which has emerged so far, a lot of patients have reportedly developed diabetes either during their infection or after recovery.

Over eight studies, involving more than 3700 COVID recovered patients have been surveyed for the same. The findings, according to leading researchers based out of the US observed that as many as 14% of patients went on to develop diabetes.

Similar findings were also found in the UK and China, where over 40,0000 survivors were analyzed.

The studies also observed a startling development- most of the people who developed diabetes after COVID-19 had no history of the disease, which is increasingly seen worldwide.

While the big lingering question- as to how COVID-19 cause diabetes remains unclear. Yet, there are some theories that can point us to the clues, including how the virus spreads in our body.

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