Coronavirus: Asymptomatic people spread almost 60% of COVID infections, claims CDC

Akin to COVID patients with symptoms of the coronavirus, asymptomatic people also have the tendency to spread the deadly virus. Also known as silent carriers, when it comes to spreading the virus, COVID-infected people can be divided into three types.

– Mildly symptomatic carriers – These are the kind of people who show very mild symptoms of COVID-19 ranging from mild fever to mild cough. However, their symptoms may often be confused with signs of other common diseases, which is why they can be neglected.

– Pre-symptomatic carriers – Pre-symptomatic carriers consist of individuals who show no signs of COVID-19 for up to a week after contracting the disease. They may later on experience cough, fever, or breathing difficulty.

– Asymptomatic carriers – Finally, asymptomatic carriers are people with no signs or symptoms of COVID-19. As a result, they end up transmitting the virus to a lot of people, which can be a major reason for the wide spread of the virus.

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