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Home Life Style Chef Jamie Oliver invents Grapes Pizza, would you want to try it?

Chef Jamie Oliver invents Grapes Pizza, would you want to try it?

Raise your hands if you love pizza! This piece of information is for all the pizza lovers who are ready to experiment with flavours. We all have heard about pineapple or kiwi pizza as bizarre toppings till date, but, to surprise you we have got a new flavour that will surely surpass pineapple and kiwi and that is grapes pizza.

According to social media buzz, grapes pizza is the latest bizarre pizza to rattle your mind. Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has recently invented this unique pizza with grapes as one of the toppings. He posted about this unique flavour on Twitter and captioned, “Speedy sausage pizza”.

He launched it in one of the recent episodes of his cooking show, “Keep Cooking Family Favourites.” If we look at the video, pizza was garnished with the usual onion, sausage pine nuts, and later grapes gave a whole new dimension to it.

If you are tempted to try it, let us tell you that Jamie Oliver has also shared the recipe of this pizza on his website and titled it “My favourite speedy sausage pizza”.

Made in just 30 minutes, this pizza calls for sautéing grapes in a pan for a minute and then tosses over the pizza.

Interestingly, Jamie Oliver also posted a poll on Twitter seeking the opinion of other users. And surprisingly, he received mixed reactions for this new pizza innovation.

While 17 percent of the audience agreed to try it and 17 percent denied, more than 65 percent was sure not to try this bizarre combination.

So, which category do you belong to? Let us know in the comment section.

Thumb Image Credit: Chef Jamie Oliver Website

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