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Beauty and wellness tips and tricks to learn from Parineeti Chopra’s Instagram

The very beautiful Bollywood actress, Parineeti Chopra loves flaunting smokey eyes and a simple blow-dry. But when you scroll through her Instagram feed, you will find some more beauty and wellness tricks that you can inculcate in your life too. She is someone who likes to think out of the box and loves experimenting with colours, be it for her hair or for her eye makeup. Here are some cool beauty and wellness tips we found on her Instagram.

– Workouts give you an inside-out glow: Parineeti is not a fan of going to the gym, but she likes to stay fit and healthy. She likes the fact that her fitness routine has a little bit of everything. She’ll hit the treadmill, go for a swim or just practice Kalaripayatty – a form of martial arts from Kerala. The key is to stay active and experiment with new forms, create a balance and find the motivation to work out regularly.

– You need a self-care technique that works for you: Spas and massages seem like the most popular ways to care for your skin. But finding out what works best for your skin is what is the most useful. Parineeti isn’t a spa-lover like most girls, but she destresses herself by having a hot shower. A warm shower is very therapeutic as the skin actually releases endorphins in response to the warmth while improving your breathing as well.

– Good hair care routine is of most importance: Parineeti loves to change her hair colour and style every now and then. All of which can wreak havoc if not taken good care of. The actress likes to wash her hair often as it helps to keep her hair soft and nourished. Another must-have is heat protectants that create a barrier and smoothes the hair cuticle down.

– Learn how to ace the cat-eye: The actress usually works with makeup artists from whom she can learn some makeup techniques. If you want to copy her cat-eye look, you have to practice it multiple times. Start by drawing a rough outline and then fill it in towards the lash line. To opt for the classic winged finish, you need to remember to flick gently upwards in the direction of where your eyebrow ends.

– Always pick fun nail art: Take all the time and effort it needs to do your own nails. If not, you can of course make a salon appointment. Parineeti likes having her nails long and shaped into a square. She often picks graphic lines and fun colours like neon yellow and bright blue.

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