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At Age 25, Kashmir’s Ayesha Aziz is India’s Youngest Female Pilot

Twenty-five-year-old Ayesha Aziz from Kashmir is India’s youngest female pilot, who got a license to fly a plane at the tender age of 15. At age 16, she was trained to fly a MIG-29 jet at Russia’s Sokol airbase.

“I think Kashmiri women are doing very well, especially in education. Every other woman in Kashmir is doing her Masters or her doctorate. People of the Valley are doing great,” Aziz, who graduated in aviation from the Bombay Flying Club (BFC) and obtained a commercial license in 2017, told news agency ANI.

“I chose this field because I have loved traveling since a very young age and was very fascinated by flying. One gets to meet so many people. This is why I wanted to be a pilot. It is quite challenging because this is not like a normal 9-5 desk job. There is no fixed pattern and I have to constantly be ready to face new places, different types of weather, and meet new people,” she said.

“In this profession, one’s mental state should be very strong because you’ll be carrying 200 passengers and it is a great responsibility,” she added.

“I am very lucky that I have parents who have supported me in everything. Without them, I would not have been able to get to where I am today. I am constantly looking for growth, on a professional and personal level. My father is my greatest role model,” she said.

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