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Are you washing your face the right way? Quick tips | Health News

New Delhi: It is believed by many that you must wash your face only when removing makeup or when it looks dirty. But it is always recommended to wash face twice daily. However, it becomes irrelevant if you are not doing it the right way. No matter how many times you wash your face, a night-time cleansing routine is vital. Irrespective of the skin type or texture.

Here is a list of dos and don’ts for washing your face the right way:

  • Do Remove your makeup thoroughly: Removing makeup, dirt and grime from the day will help prepare the skin for a routine regimen, as well as support the skin in its overnight regeneration and renewal processes. For clogged pores try using natural oils like castor, olive, coconut or sunflower. It removes the dust and dirt sticking to the skin. Use a cotton swab and wipe it off gently from your skin.
  • Do not use a foaming facewash: It is a natural human tendency to look for foaming facewashes. It is a general thought that if it does not foam, it is not cleaning.

Foaming deprives your skin from its natural oils, making it look dull and super dry. Facial cleansers are made to maintain the fragility of the skin. Go for one if you are not still owning it.

  • Do pat dry your skin: Always remember to pat gently with a soft towel. Be extra cautious around the sensitive areas like eyes. Rubbing too hard can leave you with wrinkles over time.
  • Do not over wash: Those with dry skin, should consider cutting back on the number of times they wash their face. Often people forget that they are likely washing their faces in the shower too. If too many washing routines are thrown at the skin, it gets excessive and disturbs it’s pH balance.
  • Do maintain the quantity of the product: Wondering why your cleanser is not working as promised by the ads you watch? Well then, check on the quantity that you are using. Do not use less than recommended in order to extend use or save money. Always check the label to find the recommended quantity for application. It is your skin, do not compromise with that! Quality should be preferred over quantity first.
  • Do not miss moisturizing: Make sure you are helping your skin stay moisturized all the time. Some people like the tightness after washing their face. It is nothing but an excessive dryness. Applying moisturizer, protects your skin from cracking. If your skin feels dry continuously, it is time to switch cleanser. Go for a mild or an oil-based one.

Long story cut short, washing is just the first step to maintain your skin’s natural elements. The rest depends on serums, moisturizers, mists, masks, etc. The list can go on and on forever. The food you eat, and your exercise routine plays a major role too. So, figure out your cleansing goals (once a day, twice a day, etc.) and go on from there.

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