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An Occasion to Realise the Importance of This Warm Gesture

Hug is an eternal expression of affection, love and care. It rekindles a beautiful warm and dependable feeling. Hugging is a beautiful mode of expression that speaks louder than words. Hug Day falling on February 12 in the Valentine week is a very special occasion coming right after the Promise Day.

If you are feeling low, a little anxious, or had a bad day at work, missing home – just a hug at that moment has the tremendous magical ability to cheer you up.

How does hug work to bring joy?

So, if you’re wondering what the secret ingredient behind the magical feeling is, then here’s why:

When one hugs another person, the gesture emanates from an emotion. This emotion causes our brain to release a hormone named oxytocin. Owing to the happiness that this hormone generates, it is also known as love hormone or happy hormone. The secretion of this hormone brings about positive, relaxing effects to the body and mind.

You will find that the blood pressure decreases, while a sense of calm and peace prevails due to hugs.

No doubt, it is because of these wonderful effects that Munna Bhai had been such a fan of “jaddu ki jhappi!”

So how does one celebrate Hug Day?

Well, you shouldn’t be hugging only on a designated day which is attributed to hug. Continue showing love and care by hugging your loved ones whenever you can get the opportunity. Hug and gift your beloved a thoughtful gift, chocolates, flowers and write a nice message.

These days, with the advent of social media, interactions have become all the more lucid and heart-warming. You will find a series of very cute, meaningful and hug-worthy GIFs.

Sending tight hugs through gifts, emojis, messages would mean the world to your loved ones.

For example, you can write, “Sending virtual hugs, hope you can feel it soon” or “A warm hug to you, flower.”

Go ahead, please celebrate the hug day with full enthusiasm and gusto!

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