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Alaya F Shows Her Make-up Evolution from 2015 to Now in This Video

The world of make-up has certainly evolved from 2015till today, with new revolutionary products and methods of applying. Actress Alaya F is here to show us how far the make-up methods have come, by putting it on her face.

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In her latest Instagram post, Alaya showed her fans how her make-up has evolved since 2015. The 23-year-old actress draws a vertical line across her face to show one side of her face in the 2015 version while another face in her 2021 version. Starting with the basics, the actress applies concealer and foundation on both sides of her face. She, then, goes on to apply more foundation on her face that showed the 2015 version of her makeup. Then, on that same side, she applies a setting powder. We can clearly see how the 2015 version of Alaya used a lot of foundation layering.

Moving on, Alaya applies highlighter on both sides of her face and does a little contouring on each side. She does her eye make-up, with the 2015 side all bold with heavy black eye-liner, while the 2021 side very subtle. Ending with the lips, Alayashows how she loved a bold red lip in 2015 versus now, when she chooses to keep it very minimal.

Captioning the post, Alaya wrote that back in 2015, her make-up choices were, “hectic AF”. She further mentionedthat she has learned a lot over the years and thought it would be super funny to put them side by side now, that her “go to look” has changed drastically, as the Instagram Reel shows. However she saidthat though both are totally different, it’s her in both the phases. The post has received over 56,114 likes since it was shared on Monday.

Commenting on Alaya’s post, singer Lisa Mishra wrote, “Ahahahahaha this is so good — mine was pencil thin brows and lower lash line eyeliner.”

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