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After Black Fungus, ‘more dangerous’ White Fungus reported in Patna – Who are at high risk of infection? | Health News

New Delhi: As India is witnessing a rise in the number of Black Fungus cases in COVID-19 recovered patients, an infection which affects lungs in a similar manner of COVID-19 virus, called ‘White Fungus’ has been reported in Patna, Bihar.

Talking about the same, Dr SN Singh, head of PMCH’s Microbiology Department said four cases of White Fungus have been reported so far.

Just like COVID-19, White Fungus also damages the lungs. However, the infection can be treated by antifungal drugs.

Apart from the lungs, White Fungus can also affect the nail, skin, stomach, kidney, brain, private parts, and mouth.


People with weak immunity, diabetes patients or those taking steroids for a long time are most likely to get infected with White Fungus.

Dr Singh however says that it is easy to prevent the disease by maintaining high hygiene levels for patients who are on oxygen therapy or on a ventilator. He says we must make sure to use sterilized water while using oxygen cylinder and humidifier.

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