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Act Fast to Counter India’s Water Crisis, Says Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand

Viswanathan Anand has made a name for himself playing the game of chess but the Grandmaster is very passionate when it comes to water conservation. Speaking on ‘Mission Paani’s Waterthon’- a Network 18 initiative, Anand said the country needs to act fast in order to counter the water crisis.

“The environment is in trouble at so many levels and on top of that there is the threat of climate change which makes everything worse but it also began in a simpler way. You remember the things that give you the most pleasure, I remember playing in the garden and going for the walk and things like that…. Chennai has suffered from floods and drought. This cannot go any longer, we cannot only react when things fall apart, we have to start earlier,” Anand said.

When asked by Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar why the chess players like him keep on sipping water during matches, Anand revealed: “A lot of chess pleyers, including myself..when you get nervous you keep swallowing and that’s why you are thirsty suddenly. It is also a nervous reaction, that’s why we do it,” he signed off.

(Be a part of the Harpic – News18 Mission Paani campaign, take the Pledge to Save Water and catch all updates to the Waterthon here)

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