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A dessert lover’s guide to list of desserts that will rule 2021

2020 saw many people take the adage ‘stressed spelled backwards is desserts’ quite literally. As the pandemic took over our normal routines, people craved the sweet comfort of a dessert to help them cope better. The increase in the consumption of deserts during the pandemic became evident when people started making banana breads and dalgona coffee at home. These sweet treats were a much needed taste relief during the hard times. As life slowly returns to normalcy, we look at some of the popular dessert trends that will rule in 2021.

Japanese influence on desserts:

Japan has always been known for its exciting culinary narrative. This year, many Japanese desserts like the wobbly, fat, pillow-like pancakes and the Taiyaki fish, a soft waffle-like cones in the shape of a fish stuffed with ice cream, sprinkles, sauces and wafers are all set to become popular. Gaurav Sharma, a chef based out of Mumbai, shares, “The Japanese influence on desserts will be quite evident this year. Japanese desserts are often a lot less sweet than Western desserts or Indian mithaais and traditionally they are meant to be had with tea. In India, there has been a significant rise in the consumption of mochi which is a Japanese rice cake made of mochigome, a short-grain japonica glutinous rice. Mochi can be added to ice creams or pancakes or used as an ingredient to make donuts. Other Japanese desserts have also become popular now and will continue to be a popular dessert choice this year.”

Adding a healthy spin to desserts:

Given the rise in awareness about healthy eating, desserts too have undergone a healthy makeover. Oats based desserts have become popular recently with many people opting to eat oat based desserts over traditional ones. Susan Varghese, a culinary expert, shares, “While smoothie bowls, acai bowls and smooth lattes have been the rage lately, oat based desserts like milk chocolates made of oat milk, ice creams, yoghurt, cream and even cheese are all set to become popular now. There has been a general increase in the awareness about eating healthy. Oat based desserts are both delicious and healthy, a combination to look out for.”

A sweet upgrade to popular desserts:

In addition to seeing many new dessert recipes, this year will also see some traditional desserts getting an upgrade. Karan Upadhayay, a chef, shares, “2021 will see the creation of many fusion desserts. Experimenting with traditional desserts will lead to the creation of many new interesting recipes. The traditional macaroons and Danish pastry too is all set to undergo a makeover with macaroon ice cream sandwiches and nougat crown, an experimental take on the traditional Danish pastry.” Sweet and savoury fusions to also become popular. Caramel flavoured potato chips to Danish pastry pizza, fusion of savoury and sweet is the next big thing

As per leading food futurologist Dr Morgaine Gaye, these are the food trends that will rule in 2021:

Cacoa loco: The pulp of the cocoa fruit is generally discarded while making chocolate. This sweet and fruity flesh can be used as an alternative to coconut water and be used to make various refreshing beverages

Oats: Oat based desserts like milk chocolates, cream, ice cream and more to become popular. Oats are a healthy alternative to other traditional ingredients and are often easily available locally

Japanese desserts: This year, many Japanese desserts like their soft pancakes, their cheesecakes and their Taiyaki fish are all set to become popular. In addition to these, mochi (a Japanese rice cake) will also become a popular ingredient for desserts

Edible algae: Edible algae will make its way to beverages this year

Whipped desserts: Popularised by the dalgona coffee, whipped desserts to become popular this year. Air will be whipped, injected and stuffed into various kinds of desserts like ice cream and candy floss

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