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5 Ways to Keep Your Body Hydrated

Our body is composed of about 60 per cent water, which is vital for the functioning of our organs. Loss of water, through excessive sweat, vomit, diarrhoea, or not drinking enough water, can cause fatigue, dizziness, headaches, seizures, rise in heart rate and temperature, fall of blood pressure, damage kidneys, brain functions and cause death. Shared below are five simple ways to stay hydrated.

1. Water

An average adult should drink around 2-3 litres of water every day to stay hydrated. The amount will rise in hotter temperatures and during periods of intense physical activities. Water contains some essential minerals like iron, magnesium, sodium, calcium and potassium, which are necessary for our growth and metabolic functioning. Those working outdoors should carry water bottles with them.

2. Coconut water

Coconuts that are not fully matured are filled with water inside. It has a sweet and mildly salty taste. Apart from electrolytes, coconut water is rich in potassium and also contains sodium, calcium, carbohydrates, fibre and sugars. It has anti-ageing and antimicrobial properties as well. Due to its high potassium content, those suffering from impaired kidney function should seek medical advice before drinking coconut water.

3. Tea and coffee

Tea and coffee are ideal beverages to keep one hydrated. Tea is also antioxidant-rich and may help protect us against cardiovascular diseases (CVD), high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer. Coffee consumption was also found to be beneficial in CVD and related ailments, diseases of the liver and kidneys. Coffee contains caffeine which is a diuretic and may encourage people to consume more water. Too much coffee might be harmful.

4. Fruits and vegetables

Fruits such as watermelon, orange, pineapple, grapes, strawberry and vegetables like cucumber, tomatoes, iceberg lettuce and spinach among others, have high water content. Additionally, they are rich in essential nutrients and vitamins. One can also make smoothies with fruits and vegetables and add milk or yoghurt to them.

5. Health drinks

Drinks made primarily of malt, with added protein and vitamins and usually in chocolate or vanilla flavours, are quite popular around the world. They are available as powders and are consumed by mixing in water or milk.

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